Saturday, April 11, 2009

Regal Russian Blues


The Russian Blue is believed to have naturally evolved, and originated from the Archangel Isles in northern Russia. It is also rumored to have been trapped and killed for their gloriously double thick, slate blue coats. The Russian Blue has also been known as the Archangel Cat and the Foreign Blue. Possibly descendant of the Royal cats of the Russian Czars and Czarinas. Making his way to England via Archangel sailors and finding favor with Queen Victoria.


The Russian Blue is a markedly stunning cat...and if you look a bit closer its as if he is smiling at you. He has a luxuriously thick blue coat that has the appearance of being tipped in silver . The short coat is so dense it stands away from the body. They have large, wide spaced, beautiful green eyes that sit nicely in a serpentine shaped head. They have large pointy ears that are set just so giving them that devil may care attitude. The Russian Blue is a sleek but well muscled cat with a regal bearing that can't be missed.


This agreeable feline is perfect for the individual who spends the day at work being content to find something to keep them busy until your return. Loving to their owner and quite affectionate, however they can be rather shy around people they are unfamiliar with. Exceedingly smart this is the cat that would love to learn a few tricks perhaps. Russian Blues also love the interaction of a good play session. If you work with him early on you can get him comfortable with grooming and nail trimming.